Session 7

Dark Ones

After securing the loyalties of a local guide, Lorax, the squad heads out, intending to track down a missing Janissary squad who may have further intel. 20 km behind enemy lines they discover the remains of the Janissaries’ Chimera and the aftermath of a vicious skirmish. Fausta recovers an unknown grenade used as a booby trap. Closer scrutiny identifies it as a gas grenade of non-Imperial manufacture. The squad send Lorax back to the FOB with the grenade in the hope of synthesising an anti-toxin and continue with their mission.

They encounter a Severan patrol near an oasis and a small engagement ensues. Hobb is badly wounded in close combat, but the squad prevails, eliminating a Severan Chimera with the daredevil application of a krak missile. They carry on into the mountains and the wounded elements remain behind in a secluded cave.

Fausta, Sly and Mordecai travel onward to the Severan base and infiltrate using uniforms captured from the patrol. Fausta successfully rigs the General’s Valkyrie with explosive charges and commandeers a Severan cargo-8. Sly and Mordecai open fire, raising the alarm, before crashing the truck through the main gate.

They are pursued by vicious, dart-like jetbikes and a small transport. The truck is riddled with vicious toxic crystals and Sly is severely wounded. Only the close range application of krak grenades and some desperate manoeuvring allows the squad to eliminate their pursuers.

The rising whine of turbofans heralds the arrival of the Valkyrie. The squad watch for an agonising moment as the gunship begins to turn in their direction. Tracer fire stitches across the ground towards them before the craft is consumed by a huge fireball. Chaos erupts over the Severan vox channel and the squad completes their escape, linking back with their squad.

A day later, the squad encounters a Janissary patrol and returns to the FOB.



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