Session 1


“I must admit, when I heard we were to be deployed to Ganf Magna, I was in equal parts relieved and disappointed.”
Lieutenant Augustin De Bray, 2nd Cindar Light Foot, 5th platoon

The 2nd Cindar Light Foot “Rust-born” are deployed to Ganf Magna following a recent Ork incursion. The majority of the regiment are deployed to the Orkwatch, a series of forts protecting the polygum cultivation zones from indigenous feral Orks dwelling beyond the Viridian Marches.

The squad settles into their temporary quarters in Gulch and quickly make friends with some local mercenaries in service to the Rogue Trader House Aubraxis.

Next morning the Rustborn ship out to their assignments. The bulk of the regiment reinforce the Orkwatch, but 5th Platoon are deployed behind the main line to fortify a facility known as Conservatorium 4. Upon arrival, 1st squad encounters evidence of armed struggle, the reek of fyceline, spent cartridges and broken servitors littering the ground. They discover the facility Magos slain, laspistol in hand and a blood trail leading into the forest. A surviving tech adept informs them that a squad of Royal Army soldiers attacked the Magos when he refused to hand over his research. Lt De Bray authorises 1st squad to take up pursuit while the rest of the platoon secures the area.

In the course of their pursuit, the squad encounter a small group of Orks and stage a successful ambush. They take the Ork heads as trophies, before continuing the pursuit of their human quarry.

They fall upon the remaining mercenaries as they make their escape in a stolen vehicle. A lucky shot from Mordecai punctures the engine and ignites the vehicle in a large fireball. The mercenaries are neutralised, but all that remains of the Magos’ research is a charred data-slate.



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