Session Two

Raider Camp

The squad conduct reconnaissance to locate the main Ork forces, encountering evidence of logging as they approach the coast. On a rocky beach they discover an encampment of a dozen or more Orks. Several crude boats are moored there, along with a much large war-raft under construction.

Fausta and Vek circle out into the water and swim to the largest raft. Once on board they use a grenade to detonate the ammo magazine. The rest of the squad lure the Orks away into the forest, where they have readied an ambush in concert with third and second squad.

During the withdrawal second squad is pinned down and only timely intervention and astute use of stun grenades by first saves them from annihilation. First secures the four survivors, including Sergeant Gilzo and makes a fighting withdrawal back to the Conservatorium.



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