Session 3

Conservatorium Assault

The squad barely have time to catch their breath after returning from their successful action against the Ork camp. Wounds have barely been licked when enraged Orks attack the Conservatorium with heavy weapons and the entire platoon is engaged in a bitter close quarters battle.

1st squad, already fatigued and injured, put up a desperate fight and are almost overwhelmed, but grit and determination sees them through. In the heat of battle they show considerable regard for their fellow soldiers and fight tenaciously to protect the wounded.

In the aftermath of the battle, Sly finds Lt De Bray cowering in the forest, badly injured. By the time Private Casmirre arrives to render medical assistance the Lieutenant has already succumbed to his wounds.

Staff Sergeant Surko assumes command and voxes HQ with a request for reinforcement. By dawn 5th platoon are shipping out from the Conservatorium for rest and refit at Fort Idlecliff.



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