Session 8


Squad are tasked with protecting a diplomatic mission to the Virband. Briefing is interrupted by an incensed Uthor Kalanar.

Outside of the briefing, Captain Lhorens gives the squad a set of four long-range radio beacons with the stated goal of attaching them to the Virband’s lead vehicles. The squad conceal all but one beacon amongst the supply crates earmarked as a diplomatic gift, attaching the remaining beacon to Uthor’s combat bike.

The squad departs from the FOB and heads to the Virband’s last known position, making a detour when they detect vehicle tracks. Sly, Fausta and Mordecai come across an abandoned camp centred around a thrumming pylon. After disabling the generator, the squad investigate signs of conflict, including las weapons fire. Fausta dumps a partial recording from a servitor’s memory banks onto a scavenged data-slate. The recording shows the Mechanicus survey team being confronted by Severan stormtroopers.

Leaving the camp, they continue to follow the tracks, but are forced to regroup with the squad who have come under attack from combat bikers. Under the guise of Severan soldiers, they engage the bikers and drive them off. Interrogation of a prisoner reveals the bikers to be Kalanaris, with Lorax identifying one of the dead as the son of Uthor’s right hand man.

The caravan continues on and locates the Virband encamped in a valley. Introductions are made and the negotiations begin.



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