Bogdan "Bog" Bonney

March militiaman liberated from Ork camp.


Bog was captured by the Orks following a disastrous ambush. His squad were taken apart in close combat when their autoguns jammed.

Bog is not a Ganfian, but an Imperial Guard deserter. He is considerably more wiry, completely hairless and bears chemical burns on his hands and upper arms. He has a large, roughly rectangular patch of scar tissue on his right shoulder, where a tattoo has been crudely covered up. He’s been living on Ganf since the last Ork purge eight years ago.

Holds a considerable disdain for the “bastard Kriegers”, calling them stubborn and arrogant.
Directed the squad to an abandoned Hellhound which was instrumental in the successful defence of The Yoke.

Bogdan "Bog" Bonney

Rustborn Garmo