Grox Gareth

Pack Trooper Gary


The latest member of the squad under Mordecai’s care and apparently of greater rank than Veki in Fausta’s opinion.

WS BS S8 T8 Ag Int Per WP Fel W
24 01 61 60 19 11 26 33 08 18
Movement Per min Per Hour Per Day Carry Lift Push
6/12/18/36 144 m 9 km 90 km 675 kg 1350 kg 2700 kg
Bestial Irritable Natural Armour 3 Natural Weapons Quadruped
Size 6 Stampede Surprisingly Palatable Unnatural Strength 2 Unnatural Toughness 2
Talent & Skill:

Frenzy and Awareness

Armour & Weaponry:

Thick Hide3, Crushing Feet (Melee; 1d10 I; Pen 0; Primitive7)


+Surprising Palatable: A dead Grox still has its uses, and the simplest is to turn it into a highly nutritious and unexpectedly palatable foodstuff. Grox meat is preferable to standard issue rations, and thus a dead Grox that is reasonably intact (and was not killed by poisonous or Warp-beased weaponry) can be harvested for food. A fully-grown Grox usually has enough meat to feed a Squad of 10 Guardsmen for 3 days.

Grox Gareth

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