Private Aaron Mordecai

Frankenstein field medic with a thirst for recaf


This medic doesn’t have the reassuring face of a guardian angel, nor does he have impeccable bedside manners. If you think you’re in need of medical attention keep the following in mind. He doesn’t do cosmetic procedures, is intolerant of flagellants and berserkers, impatient of liars and timewasters, and an absolute stinge with medications, particularly the anesthetics. Unless you are incapacitated or dying you will be delegated to Private Casmirre‘s care. Self preservation is his utmost priority and the survival of the unit is just an extention of that, but he’s a pragmatic survivor and has proven to be easily swept by the spur of the moment.

Profile: (Note: 600 starting experience and 100 extra for duplicate talents)
Sex: Male Age: Thirties (Adult) Build: Stocky Height: 1.60m / 5ft 3in
Skin: Patchy, bleached & grafted Hair: Dull, mousy, military cut Eyes: Gray & green Weight: 45kg / 99lbs
Speciality: Field Chirurgeon Rank: Ranger (3) Exp: 100:6000 Handedness: Right

Medic (1), Field Chirurgeon (2-3)


Surgical scarring, patches of mismatching skin tones, different eyes and transplanted arm.


Ballistic Skill, Agility, Intelligence, Fellowship, Will Power, Knowledge, Defence

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel W F8 IP CP
Stats 37 33 33 33 41 42 43 30 26 9 1 2 0
-/+ -2 +5
Adv. 1 2 1 1
Ambush Jaded Master Churirgeon Meditation Nerves of Steel
Paranoia Resistance (Fear) Stealth Sniper Step Aside Weapons (Low-Tech)
Weapons (Las)
Acrobatics Athletics Awareness Commerce+10 Dodge+20
Ling. (Low Gothic) Logic Medicae+20 Navigate (Surface) Sch. Lore (Chymistry)
Scrutiny Sleight of Hands+10 Stealth+10 Survival Trade (Chymist)
In the Shadows of the Ecclesiarchy’s Light Resourceful Scavengers Survivalists
Comrade Advances:
Medicae Auxilla It’s Not As Bad As All That…
Autosanguine Always concidered Lightly Wounded for the purpose of healing and heals at an increased rate, removing 2 points of damage per day
Subskin Armour This implants adds +2 Armour Points to the Arms, Body and Legs locations and is accumulative with other armour


The Reclaimators is an obscure faction in Cindar with the noble goal of returning the world to it’s former glory by whatever means necessary. Mordecai belongs to one of it’s scav-packs that prowls the ruins with the respected role of healer, harvestor and undertaker. After the success of the Iron Mission he joined the Imperial Guard where his expertise can be put to good use.

That was the light version of events he is willing to share. He is in fact a mutant born with the appearance that would have oust him as such and the life of persecution that comes with it. Fortunately enough it was correctable to a certain degree boosted by his naturally strong healing factor. Survival was also easier when the Reclaimator do not value and therefore judge flesh as much.

Obviously his role is far from respectable than it should be. The faction itself should have worked hand-in-hand with the Rustguild but it’s technical leaning meant they were at odds. Come the Iron Mission they were branded as heretek and was disbanded. Mordecai merely took a chance with the Guard.

Somehow he was declared mentally, physically and spiritally fit for duty but ultimately had desirable skills. On a seperate note the only cybernetics he has is the Subskin Armour which is unusual for any native of Cindar for more reasons than one. Although he claims to have Autosanguine implants it is his only explaination to his mutation.

Standard Regimental Guardsman Kit Modified las carbine with fluid action, custom grip, red-dot sight & bayonet 17.0 kg
Specialist Equipment Diagnostor (4.0 kg), Injector (0.5 kg), Medi-kit (2.0 kg), 4x Field Sutures (0.5 kg) 8.5 kg
Laspistol Serverend Guard Flak Mantrap Warknife Gas Mask Magnoculars
1.5 kg + 4×10% 11.0 kg (4.0 kg more) 2.0 kg 2.0 kg 0.5 kg 0.5 kg
(43.6 of 36.0 kg), but have Gary to help with most

Private Aaron Mordecai

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