Private Fausta "Red" Rufina

Asymmetrical weapon-smith

Sex: Female Age: 48 Build: Skinny Height: Two Ratlings
Skin: Rust-stained Hair: Grey and red Eyes: One Arms: One
Speciality: Breacher Rank: Conscript (1) Exp: 400:5000 Handedness: Right
Quirks Burns surrounding her advanced targeting cyber-eye.
Good quality cyber-arm marred by a defaced mechanicus symbol.
Aptitudes Agility, Ballistic Skill, Finesse, Intelligence, Tech, Toughness, Willpower


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel W F8 IP CP
23 50 26 50 44 33 38 35 29 10 0 7 0


Ambush Mighty Shot Modify Payload Paranoia
Rapid Reload Resistance (Fear) Tank Hunter True Grit
Weapons (Solid-Projectile) Weapons (Las) Weapons (Launchers) Weapons (Heavy)


Acrobatics Athletics Awareness Common Lore (Imperial Guard) Common Lore (War)
Dodge Linguistics (Low Gothic) Medicae Navigate (Surface) Operate (surface)
Security Stealth +10 Survival Tech-use +20 Trade (Armourer) +10


Resourceful Scavengers Survivalists

Comrade Advances

Armsman Hail of Fire


Occular sight Grants Unnatural Ballistic Skill (1). Adds half unnatural characteristic to degrees of success.
Augur array Common systems function identically to a standard handheld
auspex device.
Cyber Arm Good quality: adds +10 to tests involving fine manipulation.

A scavenger and weapon-smith for the Daughters of Anarchy gang in the Cindar badlands, Fausta joined the Rust-Born after most of her gang were wiped out in a war with an Orthodox Mechanicus faction. Fausta commanded great respect in the Daughters by outliving most of her peers through a combination of luck, caution and sheer bloody-mindedness. It didn’t hurt that she was also implanted with the targeting sight from a Praetorian Battle-Servitor, which Fausta claims she took down single-handedly with an improvised Krak-grenade. No one knows if it’s true or not but one thing’s for sure: she really hates servitors.

Private Fausta "Red" Rufina

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