Private Sleekit "Sly" Azore

Ratling sniper


|Soldier’s Particulars
Name: Sleekit Azore
Rank: Private
Serial Number: CAL 937 073 043 471
Grade: 2
Height: 1.2m
Weight: 30kg
Distinguishing Features:
Born (Place/Date): Cindar/786.M41
Posting: 2nd Cindar Light Foot
Company Number/Name: 1st Company
Watch Code: A151
Regimental commander’s name: Colonel D. Ilmarin
Battalion commander’s name: N/A
Company commander’s name: Captain B. Lhorens
Platoon commander’s name: Lieutenant A. De Bray Staff Sergeant Surko (Acting)
Squad commander’s name Sergeant Haggard
Commissar’s name: Commissar C. Skorse
Confessor’s name: Brother Mordred

Sex: Male Age: Build: Height:
Skin: Rust-stained Hair: Eyes: Weight:
Speciality: Fixer Rank: Guard (2) Exp: 500:4300(~) Handedness: Right

500xp from recent game, atleast 3250xp spent (including Linguisitics (Low)+10 at 100xp but excluding characteristics)
1050xp uncertain: you had duplicate Agility aptitude for both specialty so you could have picked another
Athletics: – 100xp (if you had Strength aptitude) or 200xp (without)
Dodge: – 100xp (if you had Defense aptitude) or 200xp (without)
Tech-Use: – 100xp (if you had Tech aptitude) or 200xp (without)
Remainder: – from 450-650xp of characteristics


Ballistics Skill, Intelligence, Fellowship, Finesse, Leadership, Social, Agility (x2), unknown aptitude

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel W F8 IP CP
31 36 34 21 32 34 56 26 48 7 1 7 0
Ambush Deadeye Shot Combat Senses Heightened (Sight) Heightened (Smell)
Heightened (Taste) Lightning Reflex Paranoia Polyglot Resistance (Fear)
Stealth Sniper Unremarkable Weapons (Las) Weapons (SP)
Athletics Awareness+10 Charm Deceive+20
Dodge Linguistics (Low Gothic)+10 Operate (Surface) Scrutiny+20
Stealth+20 Survival Tech-Use Trade (Cook)
In the Shadows of the Ecclesiarchy’s Light Resourceful Scavengers Survivalists
Comrade Advances
Spotter Set-up Shot

Sly is not strictly a Ratling (homo minimus), falling into a grey area, as he fails to meet human height minimums, but is in fact three centimetres taller than the classification maximum for Ratlings. Rather than submit the specimen for testing by the Biologis, the Munitorum was satisfied to assign him the designation of Auxiliary/Sniper.

Claims membership of the Blue Meerkat Clan, regarded by most Cindarans as less of a clan and more a loose association of smugglers and cutthroats, making ample use of the effluent outflows and disused power conduits to run salvage under the noses of the Rustguild. Probably has a problem with authority. Probably.

Private Sleekit "Sly" Azore

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