Uthor Kalanar

High chief of the Kalanaris


Sworn enemy to the Virband, Uthor is a strong, authoritarian ruler with lofty ambitions. He claims to be the chosen representative of the Stormlord and has sought legitimacy by supporting Imperial Guard forces, leading a coup against his uncle, who had initially sided with the Severan Dominate.

Some Virbians have speculated his allegiance with Imperial forces is a gambit to secure complete dominion over the tribes and secure his position of governor once the planet has been pacified.

He has sworn vengeance upon the Virband for the death of his father, accusing Klarion of using sorcery to win a Storm Run. In the ten year period between Klarion’s triumph and Uthor’s ascension there was an uneasy peace between the two tribes. When Uthor seized control and executed his uncle, he declared the outcome of the Storm Run invalid on the grounds of sorcery and consequently dissolved the treaty. Since then the tribes have been at war, the Kalanaris gaining a decisive advantage in arms from their Imperial Guard allies.

Uthor Kalanar

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