Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Malfian Subsector
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Class: Post-Cataclysmic World, former Forge World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Former home world of the Rust-born before the Great Exodus. Once a prosperous forgeworld producing cybernetics as its main tithe, Cindar fell into anarchy following a series of mysterious detonations, referred to locally as The Night of Fire. Speculation abounds as to the exact cause of the detonations, including deliberate overload of Cindar’s principal Generatoriums. What is known for certain is that Cindar experienced a long, planet wide winter. Those who did not perish from the detonations died from either starvation or exposure.

After two centuries of isolation, a chance encounter with a Rogue Trader ship, Fortune’s Herald, returned the survivors to the Imperial fold and Ministorum missionaries set about the long task of restoring order.

This task was made considerably easier by the presence of the Rustguild, a nascent multi-clan government, which had already made efforts to unite the fractured peoples of Cindar. Quick to embrace the missionaries, the Guild was bolstered by an influx of weaponry and soon the last hold-outs of clan resistance were broken by Rustguild militias.

Following this victory, the Rustguild declared the raising of a tithe of men to fight in the Imperial Guard. Even though the planet was but a husk of its former self, it gave what precious resource it had left. Cindarans flocked to the recruitment stations to sign up, eager to find a better life in Imperial service, but only a few lucky thousand were chosen to serve.

Two regiments, each 1,600 strong were raised to fight on the Spinward Front: the 1st and 2nd Cindar Light Foot.

The tithing of soldiers is due in large part to the efforts of the Iron Mission, who have succeeded in stirring up religious fervour amongst the Cindaran clans. Two centuries of privation have tempered an already hardy population into soldiers well suited to the rigours of service in the Imperial Guard.


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