Ganf Magna


Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: The Periphery
System: Ganf
Population: 32 million
Class: Frontier World
Tithe Grade: Decuma Particular
Governor: King Silon Delabeer II
Military: Ganf Royal Army, consisting of three divisions; Field Division, Capital Division and Frontier “Orkwatch” Division, each approximately 30,000 strong. Mercenaries in service to various trade concerns, the largest contingent of these belonging to House Aubraxis.

Ganf is a frontier/agricultural world of minor importance due to its production of polygum. This substance can only be produced on Ganf Magna, as all attempts to cultivate the plants on other worlds have proven unsuccessful.

As a result polygum is the planet’s principal export and comprises the entirety of its tithe. Other exports include common ores and timber. At the current time, eight trade concerns hold valid warrants for the export of polygum, the largest of these being House Aubraxis.

Ganf has seen a considerable growth in importance since the opening of the Spinward Front, with an increased tithe of polygum destined for Munitorum medicae facilities.

Addendum : Polygum smuggling is a persistent problem, though King Silon has recently implemented a crackdown and passed a decree which makes polygum smuggling a capital crime. Previously polygum smuggling held the same penalty as common smuggling, namely branding and exile.

A small population of exiles and rebels exists in the wilderness beyond the Orkwatch line.

Ganf Magna

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