Litanies and Incantations

Litany of War

To be shouted before entering combat:

Emperor, bestow on me Your righteous fury and Your furious strength
Let me become the storm that blasts the enemy from Your sight

Death Incantation

I fear no evil, I fear no death, for the Emperor comes for me

Fear Incantation

To be recounted at any time:

Fear is naught, for my faith is strong

Litany of Protection

To be recited and repeated in times of peril:

Mighty Emperor, spread Your divine light to protect me from the darkness

Incantation of the Death Bringer

To be whispered inwardly before striking to kill (assassin’s litany):

I have become death, destroyer of foes

Prayer of Invisibility

To be whispered when remaining hidden from the eyes of the enemy:

I am the darkness that surrounds me,
I am the air that surrounds me,
I am the land that hides me,
I wait to strike,
From the darkness
I wait to kill,
From out of thin air,
I am invisible,
And I am silent death

Litany of the Lasgun

To be recited before firing your weapon:

Bringer of death, speak your name,
For you are my life, and the foe’s death

Litany of Penetration

To be recited when firing a weapon:

Oh Holy Emperor, hear my prayer,
Guide this missile, hold it true,
Let it part their steel and weak armour,
And crack their cowardly skin,
And smite the foe from Your sight

Prayer for Ignition

To be recited when priming an explosive device:

Spirit of fire,
Prime this weapon,
And blast the foe,
From the Emperor’s sight

Blessing of the Bomb

To be recited when priming an explosive:

You are a weapon of men,
A bright, short light to blast the foe,
When darkness descends

You are the bomb of men,
To lift the foe from off their feet,
So they no longer profane the Emperor’s soil

Litany of Accuracy

To be recited quietly, during the aim and before taking the shot:

Grant me the sight of the eagle, the calm of the breeze, the patience of a saint and the skill to smite the foe from afar

Oath to Bring Quick Death to a Fallen Comrade

To be recited before administering the Emperor’s Mercy to a fallen comrade:

Emperor, give me strength to carry out the deed, and Brother, grant me forgiveness for what I am about to do. The end will be swift, and the Eternal gates swing wide for you. Your duty is done, and I must now do mine

Incantation of the Maimed

I lost a limb, but I gained faith
For I survived!

Litany to Staunch a Wound

To be recited and repeated when grievously hurt:

I pray to slow the blood and close the wound

Litany of Forgiveness

To be recited when near to death:

Sweet God-Emperor, forgive Your servant his sins, and remember
I am just a man

Litanies and Incantations

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