Session Four

Taking the Initiative

The platoon settle into their duties at Fort Idlecliff. They are dismayed to discover that the Orkwatch garrison has been reduced to an under strength unit of disaffected veterans.

Ever enterprising and vigilant, 1st Squad strike a deal with Sergeant Grove to smuggle surplus lascarbines to the Marchmen in return for a shipment of polygum.

During night watch Fausta becomes aware of a disturbance near the wall. She discovers two Royal Army soldiers extorting a group of refugees from the Marches. During the confrontation a small group of Orks attack from the treeline. Fausta, Sly and Mordecai provide cover as the refugees scramble to safety.

Torgill, the leader of the refugees furnishes 1st squad with information regarding Ork positions beyond the wall. He claims a significant force is encamped at a polygum plantation to the southwest, with more coming through the mountains.

Reports of fighting along the wall filter back to the platoon. Fearing an imminent attack on the wall, 1st squad takes the initiative and ventures over the wall to disrupt the Ork advance.
True to Torgill’s information, they encounter a hundred strong Ork warband entertaining themselves by throwing prisoners into a makeshift fighting pit with their Squigs.

Sly and Mordecai snipe the largest Ork, providing cover for Fausta to sneak forward and release the remaining prisoners. She makes short work of the crude lock and as an afterthought sets a krak grenade to destroy the Ork’s ammo dump. The resulting explosion causes the Ork forces to splinter, with Sergeant Haggard luring the bulk of them away.

Sly and Mordecai move up to assist Fausta. They encounter a singed Vek furiously heaving at a tangled pile of metal, struggling to free his comrade. A critically wounded Fausta is freed by her squadmates but as they do so the remaining Orks cut them off. They are forced to flee into the forest, hoping to link up with the squad later.



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