Private Casmirre

The sensible medical assistant to Private Mordecai


Seems to be a nipper but far too mature and sensible for his age. Dutiful, intuitive and a fast learner, he has been paired up with Private Mordecai to make up for the latter’s poor bedside manners and to replace him on his inevitable demise. At the moment delegated to deal with all minor illness, injuries and to monitor extended care of patients after successfully receiving some training.

Sex: Male Age: Twenties (Nipper) Build: Runt Height: 1.60m / 5ft 3in
Skin: Bronze dusted with grey Hair: Bald with brown eyebrows Eyes: Brownish black Weight: 45kg / 99lbs

Bald head, pollution scars all over his body, can be still like a statue and look like one too

Medicae Auxilla It’s Not As Bad As All That…

A dross hound of the underhive Casmirre has been surviving as a scout in an informants network under a fixer. His innocent and friendly demeanor seems to allow him to integrate wherever he goes. Within the group he has a nurturing nature to his fellow spies and by himself adept at avoiding dangers, scounging for food or finding shelter. Unfortunately though he was not able to make it through recruitment but by taking a risk stowing away on the transport ship and a little luck was able to join the regiment.

Private Casmirre

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